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Bluzelle - The database for decentralized applications - Staking and Update coming soon!!!

What does Bluzelle deliver?
Bluzelle delivers the most practical solution to add a decentralized database storage to your decentralized applications and other products to solve datamanagement and security. Thereby bluzelle can work with any database product, no matter if SQL or noSQL and Bluzelle brings high availability with high performance and onboarding customers to bluzelle database is very easy.
How does Bluzelle work?
"Bluzelle’s key service is to provide a database of records that are also immune to tampering. Bluzelle acts as a cache for key-value pairs. Being a cache, Bluzelle provides some of the key attributes that differentiate a cache from a database, such as data expiry and eviction.
Bluzelle Cache in fact was inspired by many blockchain concepts but is nonetheless, fundamentally different from a blockchain. Bluzelle consists of swarms. Each swarm is a network of nodes, each of which is equal in voting power and is expendable, much like the blockchain. Each swarm is mutually exclusive, meaning that the data on a given swarm is not found on any other swarm. Each swarm consists of nodes that are strategically located to provide edge caching values to customers of the cache. Like blockchains, Bluzelle swarms can form and operate based on crowdsourced resources, without central power authorities."
Differences to traditional blockchains:
Utility of then token:
Numbers and short facts:
Biggest competitors:
More information about Bluzelle:
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Why now?
Because I found out on Twitter that according to their roadmap and telegram they expect the Kepler release between next week and middle of June. This is a huge step. It means:
This is no financial advice, always DYOR. But this project is not the average shitcoin, which appears here. There is a solid foundation behind Bluzelle and with their Kepler release I expect them to finally gain their deserved attention. Staking is finally coming! It's time to hop onboard.
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